To improve performance and create exceptional customer experiences, Vinli works with fleet companies to create data-driven solutions that allow you to leverage more opportunities for your business.

The Future of Fleet Operations

With the emergence of electric, connected and autonomous vehicles, the automotive fleet industry is in the midst of a massive revolution. The status quo is shifting as companies are investing in the future with business models and services revolving around these new, technologically advanced vehicles.

With the unprecedented influx of raw, complex and unfiltered data now available, you have the ability to create innovative new services that exceed the expectations of today’s industry. We can support any number of compelling use cases and quickly scale those connected services in local, regional and international markets.

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Unlocking the Value of Data

As the premier data intelligence platform for global fleet enterprises, Vinli can connect multi-vehicle data sources to a single platform while enhancing the connected vehicle experiences in markets worldwide. With Vinli’s experience and technology, you now have an easy path to unlock the full potential of your data so you can rapidly develop and deploy new application interfaces for your business and drivers around the world.

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Build Predictive Solutions Using Big Data

Enabling big data management with machine learning to collect, analyze and predict consumer and business patterns.

Largest App Ecosystem for the Car

Vinli has one of the largest and most active developer communities in the industry, and is the reason why we boast the largest app ecosystem in the space.

Integrate with Ease Using Vinli APIs & Microservices

Build your exact connected vehicle functionality or app using our simple API’s and Microservices architecture.

One Platform Connects to Multiple Vehicle Data Sources

Integrate vehicle data from new or existing vehicle data sources and manage these services using our developer and enterprise tools.

Global Solution for Local Success

A highly scalable infrastructure and flexible API’s service support global connected vehicle deployments in almost any region.

Interface with Legacy Enterprise Systems

Identify isolated services from legacy systems and connect those data streams to and from modern interface applications.

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