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At Vinli, we know that future-proofing the automotive data sources available is the key to developing new software and services for automakers.

Automotive Transformation

In the next decade, every aspect of the automotive industry will be connected, shared and global. From smart cities and sensor-laden roads to electric and autonomous vehicles, the potential of the connected world will have consumers demanding more from the newest models rolling off the assembly line.

Automakers that prepare for this will be in a strong market position to succeed in this new era of mobility. By leveraging behavioral, diagnostic and contextual data, automakers can partner across industries to build connected services that are easily localized and scalable. We can help you create new technology through our customized mobility solutions that you can leverage through subscription services, bringing new revenue generation opportunities for you and feature upgrades for your customers.

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The New Technology Companies

With gigabytes of data being generated every hour by each connected car, along with the infinite amount of peripheral data surrounding it, today’s automakers have transformed into the newest technology company. But to process that much data, you’ll need a data intelligence platform that’s robust, dependable and secure. Vinli can integrate our intelligent software directly into your platform or connect through the cloud. We’ll help you speed up your software development process and deliver connected services value across multiple business groups and customers by developing customized applications that address your specific and unique needs.

Big Data and Machine Learning

Our infrastructure enables big data management and machine learning for both real time data and data at rest.

White Label Offering

Easily white label and bundle the connected car experience using our fully supported consumer mobile app and retail suite.

Customer Engagement

High quality vehicle data enables software experiences that are intelligent and predictive, yielding higher engagement and customer loyalty.

Building Apps and Services

Our APIs make data easy to access. Build apps and services using our robust set of JSON-based APIs capable of communicating with and supporting any stack.

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